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$5979 / MO


New to Sales

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  • Smart Leads Database
    • Duplicate Detection
    • Easy Importing
    • Historical Sync

  • Unlimited Outbound Drip Campaigns
    • Reply Detection
    • Rolling Campaigns
    • Automated Follow-Ups
    • Replies in Your Inbox

  • Detailed Analytics
    • Stats at Every Level

$89119 / MO

Pro Outbound

For Serious Sales Pros

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+ Includes all Outbound plan features

  • Salesforce Integration (for annual plans)
    • Salesforce Bi-Directional Sync
    • Push to PersistIQ
    • BCC Emails to Salesforce

  • Web Integrations
    • Zapier Integration
    • PersistIQ API Access

  • Team Functionality
    • Share Leads, Templates, and Campaigns
    • Toggle Between Personal and Team Views
    • Team Reporting



Enterprise and Custom Solutions

+ Includes all Pro Outbound plan features

  • Custom Onboarding Session

  • On-Going Team Trainings

  • Custom CRM Integrations

  • A fully customized outbound sales solution for your team.

* All plans are on an annual contract. Month-to-month pricing available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an admin to get started?

No. Getting started is simple and fast. Send your first outbound campaign in just minutes.

What account are my emails sent from?

Emails are sent directly from your email account, so they are incredibly personal.

Does PersistIQ work with my team?

Yes. PersistIQ is even better with your team. Catch duplicate leads across your entire team. See who on your team is already in touch with any lead you import. Share templates, campaigns, analytics, and much more.

Is there a setup fee?

No. There are no setup fees.

Does PersistIQ work with my CRM?

Yes. Our customers use PersistIQ in conjunction with a CRM system to manage prospects and cold leads. Once the lead is qualified, the CRM takes over.

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