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Our Plans


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$40 / mo

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Lots of power at a low price for individual sales professionals


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$60 / mo

per active user
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Advanced features in an accessible package for small sales teams


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$450 / mo

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Professional grade for proactive sales teams

Sales Campaigns

Multi-touch sales campaigns
Email, Phone, Task steps
Reply to previous thread
Intelligent response detection
Rolling campaigns (add prospects at any time)
Call scripts and outlines
Master and step email templates
Sending windows
A/B testing
Send emails on behalf of others
Daily prospect start
Schedule start prospects in the future

1:1 Email

Individual email open tracking
Email templates in Gmail
Automatically log emails to CRM (sent and received)

Voice | Sales Dialer

VOIP or Bridge


Live activity feed
Individual email open alerts
Individual campaign reporting
Email template summary reporting
Prospect activity history
Sales campaign summary reporting
Team overview reporting
Best Time to Send


Duplicate detection
Easy data import (copy & paste)
Spreadsheet-like interface
Assignable prospect ownership
Folders for templates and campaigns
Automatic time-zone detection
Custom fields
Custom statuses
Custom call dispositions
Automated triggers

Safety Checks

Smart safety checks
Do Not Contact Domains
Prospect owner safety
Custom safety check based on status

Team collaboration and management

Shared email templates
Shared campaigns
Roles / Permissions


BCC Email to CRM
PersistIQ API
ProsperWorks CRM
Salesforce bi-directional sync


Knowledge base
Email support
Priority email and phone support
Custom onboarding