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PersistIQ is the all-in-one outbound sales platform.
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PersistIQ is the complete outbound platform engineered from the ground up for sales.

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True Personalization at Any Scale

Preserve the human element in your follow-ups to get more responses and more meetings. Adding automation to personal selling with our smart campaigns is like adding gas to a fire.

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Never Miss A Follow Up

Ensure none of your leads slip through the cracks with our intelligent database management and unmatched reply detection technology. Every lead gets the right number of touchpoints at the right time.

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Consolidate Your Workflow

Eliminate the need to hack together disparate sales tools in order to execute on your outbound plan. Now you can move lightning fast with one platform for all your outbound prospecting needs.

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Gain Hours Back Each Day

Let PersistIQ do the work for you. Automated data entry frees you to spend less time on manual work and more time talking to prospects. After all, you’re a salesperson, not a data entry specialist.

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Become an Outbound Expert

Test different headlines, schedules and touchpoints, and operate like a surgeon. Split tests and analytics give you insights into what’s working so you can learn more about your outbound efforts faster.

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PersistIQ is the platform for

Outbound sales

Qualifying inbound leads

Targeted / Name account selling

You may be wondering if PersistIQ is right for you. If you are responsible for taking cold leads and developing them into qualified opportunities, then PersistIQ is for you. Whether you’re a Sales Development Rep or an Account Executive at a big company or small, PersistIQ works.

Welcome to the future of outbound sales.
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Successful Customers Using PersistIQ

testimonial from zenpayroll
testimonial from zenpayroll

"Sales is changing. Most sales leaders have recognized that outbound sales in a 1-1 format isn't scalable. PersistIQ gave our sales reps leverage and the data we needed to make better decisions. The ROI we've seen has been incredible — our reps are 10x more productive!"

Saad Shahzad, Gusto

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What is PersistIQ?

PersistIQ is an all-in-one outbound sales platform. Sales teams use PersistIQ to turn cold leads into sales opportunities. Our smart campaigns automate the outbound sales process and make sure every lead gets the right number of touchpoints.

Who is it for?

Sales teams large and small use PersistIQ with great success. If you have a list of leads that you want to convert, then PersistIQ is for you. Customers generally use PersistIQ with their CRM, which takes over once the lead is an opportunity.

How much does it cost?

Paid plans start at just $59 per user per month. Our pricing is simple and transparent. No hidden fees. No lock-ins. See more on our pricing page.

Under the hood?

  • Automated Mail Merge
  • Catch Duplicate Leads
  • Automatic Reply Detection
  • Email Templates
  • Smart Leads Database