Outbound Sales made Simple and Effective

PersistIQ unifies sales communication and workflow into one easy-to-use system. Our powerful technology gives you the perfect balance between sales automation and the human touch that's been winning sales for decades.

Outperform your competitors by turning your sales process into your competitive advantage.

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Get Stronger and More Predictable Deal Flow

Personalize outbound campaigns at scale to get more meetings and deliver a better experience to your prospects. Sound like a human, not a robot.

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Gain Enhanced Visibility into What Works

Analyze the effectiveness of each sales activity in your process, from calls and emails to social channels and handwritten notes. Constantly test to get insights and improve your results.

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Touch Points

Intelligent Automation with Flexibility Where it Counts

Dial in the right level of automation at every step. PersistIQ supports multiple sales strategies; account-based sales development, persona-based outbound, and following up with inbound leads.

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Consistency and Control at Every Step

Focus on the right sales activities at the right time. Use smart controls to ensure you provide prospects and customers with a superior experience so you can stand out from the noise.

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Bringing the Human Element Back to Sales

Leverage the power of automation while giving you the flexibility to easily personalize each and every touch, making you more effective with outbound sales.

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