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Background is the leading provider of audience insights to more than 400 digital publishers and brands. It helps thousands of writers, editors, site managers, and technologists to understand what content draws in site visitors, and why. Using’s powerful dashboards and APIs, content creators are able to build successful digital strategies that allow them to engage and grow a loyal audience. has grown by more than 100 percent year-over-year; and to keep pace, its sales team needs a predictable, repeatable sales process.

Challenge needed to build an entire sales development process, from hiring to training to managing a team of reps. Its process previously consisted of using Salesloft and Yesware with Salesforce tasks, but the team knew this couldn’t be streamlined to meet its increasing inbound and outbound sales demands. It required a reliable platform that could scale through automation, and a direct Salesforce synchronization, but stay highly personalized at the same time.

“Our process was taking too long to reach an optimal amount of leads. We wanted to see about five times more production while staying on top of personalization.”

David Aronica, Manager, Business Development

Solution’s sales reps were previously only able to send a few hundred emails per week. To take their efforts to the next level, they knew they had to invest in the right technology that would allow them to streamline their workflow and make their reps more effective. In short, they needed to be sending thousands of emails per week, something that their sales technology stack didn’t allow.

“We needed to scale and we needed to do it quickly. We trialed ToutApp, Outreach, and a few others. I started to learn more about PersistIQ, and it clicked immediately as something we had to bring to”

David Aronica, Manager, Business Development


The sales team quickly and seamlessly implemented PersistIQ -- relying on the repeatable, replicable system to reach out to more leads, and do so more effectively. Now, the sales team at is able to send out at least five times more emails per week. On top of that, their response rates increased 10 percent through their ability to track, measure, and analyze all their campaigns.

“We believe PersistIQ built the best platform for personalized automation that's on the market today. It’s one of the most game-changing decisions we've made since starting the Sales Development team at The amount of time it saved, and organization it added, is too much to live without.”

David Aronica, Manager, Business Development

"PersistIQ has a built-in efficiency. The outbound sales processes inherent in the platform allow me to focus my attention on targeting the right people with the right messages. PersistIQ is by far the best part of our outbound workflow."

Lindsay Orr, Senior Sales Development Representative


  • Reply rate increased by 10 percent
  • They were able to send five times more emails per week

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