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Gusto is a comprehensive payroll service, enabling businesses to set up and run payroll from any web enabled device. They are fundamentally changing the way businesses work by empowering them to put people first. Gusto reimagines payroll, benefits, HR, and personal finance by automating the most complicated, impersonal business tasks and making them simple and delightful. They continue to grow at an incredible pace, and the sales team needed a platform to make their reps more productive.


Gusto’s sales reps thought they were doing everything to reach their sales goals. They had a talented team, regular training and great leadership. However, after digging deeper and researching new trends in the industry, they realized they could be doing more by leveraging the latest technology that is now available. They wanted a way to automate tedious outbound sales activities that were costing their reps time and job satisfaction. Reps repeated the same activities 50+ times per day, leading to higher proclivity for errors and lowering rep morale.

“We knew there had to be a way to make our reps more productive. The activities a rep spends his or her day doing greatly impacts employee morale and the business’s bottom line.”

Saad Shahzad, VP of Sales


Gusto’s sales team needed to find a way for their reps to focus on activities that add value to their day-to-day and, ultimately, their business. Manually crafting emails, logging activities across multiple databases and tracking their follow ups wasn’t working. After a careful and deliberate quarterly review, the Sales and QA teams decided to proactively search for a solution. They knew there had to be something out there but were struggling to find it, until they came across PersistIQ.

“Our executive management team shared our rep productivity metrics, and we knew it was something that could be easily fixed with the right technology. That’s when we found PersistIQ.”

Gusto’s Sales Team Management


Gusto was able to quickly and easily implement PersistIQ in less than one week. Their management team was able to test and prove what was working and what wasn’t, leading to an immediate improvement in rep productivity. Their sales reps enjoyed a 10% increase in open rates, a three-fold increase in response rates and a ten-fold increase in productivity. Now, each sales rep has 10 more hours per week to sell during prime hours. Most importantly, Gusto’s sales reps love their jobs.

“We chose PersistIQ because it had the feature set we needed, it was easy and intuitive to use, and it was at the right price. Our reps have not only gained precious hours back in their day, but they now have autonomy and flexibility.”

Saad Shahzad, VP of Sales

“Our reps are so excited with the PersistIQ. All they have to do is tee it up and hit play at the right time, then sit back and the field the results.”

Gusto’s Sales Team Management


  • Increased open rates by 10%
  • Increased response by 3x
  • Increased rep productivity by 10x
  • Each rep gained back 10 hours of work each week

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Gusto is a comprehensive payroll service, enabling businesses to set up and run payroll from any web enabled device.


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