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Clearbit builds business intelligence APIs to help companies learn more about their current customers and find new customers. Their focus is on having the most up to date data possible in order to help you make better marketing and sales decisions. With a quickly growing reputation as a leader in the space, Clearbit’s sales team needed a platform to help expand just as quickly.

The Challenge

Before using PersistIQ, the sales team was using ToutApp and Yesware for their outbound sales efforts. However, they were faced with 3 major challenges in scaling their efforts: syncing between systems, scaling highly personalized messages and avoiding automation mistakes. In rapidly evolving space, the new pipelines generated and the expansion of sales is imperative, and the platform your sales team uses for outbound needs to accelerate the process, not hinder it.

“We spent too much time trying to work around constraints in other products, which meant less time working on content & sending actual emails.”

Matt Sornson, Growth Manager

The Solution

The sales team generates custom .gifs for every email recipient and needed to be able to include those as a variable merge field. They also push in email lists and reconcile those emails with their CRM and other databases. And lastly, their team is very cautious, sending batches of emails, which can still result in small but crucial errors. That’s a lot to demand from an outbound sales platform, but they found exactly what they were looking for.

“We drew up our ideal flow for personalized email at scale, and realized that most vendors simply didn’t have what we needed until we came across PersistIQ.”

Andrew O’Neal

The Results

Now, the Clearbit sales team can launch highly personalized campaigns, automatically reconcile data between their systems and rely on the process without worrying about sending mistakes. They enjoy higher open rates, lower bounce rates, less errors

“We love their clean, simple API that let us integrate with our outbound system and have a press-button approach built on top of our own Clearbit products. It has saved our growth team a lot of man-hours and help build a scalable set of processes. Thanks PersistIQ!”

Amit Vasudev, Chief Business Officer


Best Campaign: 3 drips
  • Opens: 61%
  • Meetings set: 20%
  • Deals closed (within 90 days): 11%
Overall Average: 3 drips
  • Opens: 59%
  • Meetings set: 12%
  • Deals closed: 6%

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Clearbit builds business intelligence APIs to help companies learn more about their current customers and find new customers.


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