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BackerKit is a crowdfunding management and fulfillment software platform that helps Kickstarter and Indiegogo project creators take control of the campaign fulfillment process. Once a campaign is funded, BackerKit helps creators survey their backers, gather data, manage orders and fulfill shipments by automating operations. As crowdfunding continues to increase in popularity, BackerKit continues to grow with the market. They know exactly who their potential customers are, so their success relies on effectively reaching out to those customers.


Before using PersistIQ, they were trying to duct tape together a solution using ToutApp, an Excel spreadsheet and Gmail, then integrating it with their CRM. They were spending too much time composing messages, crafting campaigns and trying to organize all of the data. The last thing they wanted to do was go back to their CRM and manually enter all the data again. This extra step cost vital time and was highly prone to cost data errors, causing extra stress.

“At BackerKit, the top of the funnel is so important. We were wasting hours every day on tedious tasks instead of selling BackerKit. We needed a platform that was going to spearhead our efforts for filling the funnel, something that was going to be effective and that our team loved using.”

Tommy Hall, VP of Sales


Their sales teams was sending out 3 follow-ups per lead, but everyone knew they should be sending out more. When they finally decided to revamp their selling process and go from 3 to 8 follow-ups, they knew their current solution wasn’t going to cut it. That’s when they found PersistIQ.

“Our team looked into every solution on the planet that could execute personalized multi-touch campaigns and support an integration with our extremely robust Salesforce instance. We ended up going with PersistIQ, and it was one of the easiest decisions we made.”

James Yu, Head of Marketing


Now, BackerKit has control over the top of the funnel again. Their reps were able to pick up PersistIQ in under an hour. Their email response rate went from 13.6% using ToutApp to 25.1% immediately. What was previously an arduous manual task has now been automated, saving the team time and costly data errors. Most importantly, their sales reps have more time to talk to customers.

“PersistIQ has made my life a lot easier. What took two hours before takes about 15 minutes now. With the extra time, I’m on the phones talking to more creators. I’ve more than doubled the number of touches per campaign, and the reply rate has been amazing.

Lew Bibler, Lead SDR

“PersistIQ is extremely intuitive, and the workflows are so smooth. It lends itself to really strong sales behavior. Anyone doing any kind of outbound should be using PersistIQ.”

Tommy Hall, VP of Sales


  • Reply rate increased from 13.6% to 25.1%
  • 1 hour 45 minutes time gained back each day
  • From 3 to 8 touchpoints while reducing implementation time by half.

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BackerKit is a crowdfunding management and fulfillment software platform that helps Kickstarter and Indiegogo project creators take control of their campaign fulfillment process.


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